Oral Health for Kings and Queens: Healthy and Unhealthy Foods

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Have you ever set forth a checklist of healthy and unhealthy foods in your diet that need to be implemented or removed from your diet? If you are routinely snacking on unhealthy sweets and not providing your mouth with adequate nutrition and minerals, not only can you be harming your physical health, but also your oral health as well. To keep your smile safe and active, make sure to eat healthy foods and avoid unhealthy ones.

Healthy food options include those that contain the minerals calcium and phosphorus. Calcium and phosphorus are often found in meats, cheeses, nuts, milk or chicken. The importance of calcium and phosphorus is that they have actually been shown to help strengthen your tooth enamel and keep your smile safe from dental erosion. Other healthy food options include crunchy foods that have lots of water as they can help produce additional saliva in your mouth.

Unhealthy food options include products such as sugars and starches, as these substances can be broken down into harmful acids in your mouth capable of causing dental erosion. To prevent teeth from getting chipped or cracked, always make sure that you are avoiding hard candy or any other products that can easily crack your teeth.

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