What Are Dental Fillings Used For?

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If you are curious about dental fillings and want to know what they are used for, we are happy to explain their purpose to you. A dental filling can be very useful for repairing cavities and other damages, and they can make a decayed or damaged tooth usable again.

When a cavity strikes, a tooth can be weakened, and the decayed parts may have to be removed to protect the rest of it. If a tooth gets broken, its inner layers may get exposed, and those layers are more susceptible to decay. A filling can be used to repair decayed or broken teeth and bring them back to full functionality.

The filling is placed inside a tooth and hardened so it provides a solid surface. You can then use it to chew food without worrying about causing discomfort for yourself. The filling can also protect the spot it covers from decay. It denies the microbes that are responsible for cavities and decay access to this area. You should continue to brush and floss so cavities are less likely, but a filling should protect the soft inner layers of the tooth as long as you care for it.

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